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White, J. W., P. Andrade-Sanchez, M. A. Gore, K. F. Bronson, T. A. Coffelt, M. M. Conley, K. A. Feldmann, A. N. French, J. T. Heun, D. J. Hunsaker, M. A. Jenks, B. A. Kimball, R. L. Roth, R. J. Strand, K. R. Thorp, G. W. Wall and G. Wang (2012) Field-based phenomics for plant genetics research. Field Crops Research 133(0): 101-112.


White, J. W. and M. M. Conley (2013) A Flexible, Low-Cost Cart for Proximal Sensing. Crop Sci. 53(4): 1646-1649

Andrade-Sanchez Pedro, Gore Michael A., Heun John T., Thorp Kelly R., Carmo-Silva A. Elizabete, French Andrew N., Salvucci Michael E., White Jeffrey W. (2013) Development and evaluation of a field-based high-throughput phenotyping platform. Functional Plant Biology

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